Generate the words your phone number makes, for mnemonics purposes. Interacts with Merriam Webster and Urbandictionary Web Services for meaningful definitions (Urbandictionary has an acronym for everything). 0 and 1 converted to o and i prior to lookup.

9lb hammer 

Ad a ball

Alki Beach

All Together Skatepark

Bainbridge Ferry

Ballard Bowl / Ballard Commons

Ballard pizza co

Beths Café

Bimbos Cantina


Cafe Vita

Carkeek park 

Central Tavern

Columbia tower Skyview Observatory

Crack sabbath

Crocodile Cafe

Crown hill skatepark

Dahl skatepark

Darrell’s Tavern

Delridge Skatepark


Discovery park

Easy Street Records

El corazon

Everyday music

Full tilt icecream

Golden age collectibles

Golden gardens


Green leaf

Greenlake Skatepark

Grindline Skateparks

Ivars on the pier

Jazz alley

Jefferson Skatepark

Jive Time Records

Judkins Skatepark

King County Metro

Lincoln park

Lock and keel

Lost lake cafe24

Marginal Way Skatepark


Mt Rainier



Pike Place Market

Puget Sound

Rapid Ride Transit


River City Skatepark

Ron Weinstein trio

Seamonster Lounge

Seattle Aquarium

Seattle center skatepark

Seattle central community college

Seattle Great Wheel

Seattle Monorail

Showbox market

Silver platters


Sonic Boom Records

Space needle

Sub Pop

Suffering fuckheads

Taco del mar

Than brothers

The Stranger

Vera Project

World Extreme Pencil Fighting League

Ye Old curiosity shop

Zippys Burgers