North Star Diner

YES!! ANOTHER 24 HOUR DINER IN SEATTLE: The North Star Diner!! (87th and Greenwood, next to Safeway) You can never have too many 24 Hour diners. This one is the newest gem. These guys took a run down sketchy Chinese Karaoke Restaurant, and turned it into a 24 Hour diner for all ages on one side, and a Bar with Awesome karaoke on the other side. I had the Little Dipper, but promise to get the Steak and Prawns next time.

North Star Diner Karaoke
North Star Diner Karaoke Bar

North Star Diner Sign
Sign on the north side of the North Star Diner

North Star Diner Drink Booze
Drink Booze at the North Star Diner

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