douglas firs

rugged bark reaches from the ground

from where its roots built a mound

wind sweeps its limbs in a loud breeze

towering above all other trees

maples alders and cedars

bow to the mighty douglas firs

high above birds find their nests to lay

and a place to swoop down from upon their pray

lining up trunk to trunk like the needles on their branches

from the sky they billow deep green ranches

from below forming pitch dark jungles of moss

yet when lightning strikes the whole jungle can be lost

roars of pine fashioning a forest of fire

leaving all below in an endless ash mire



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I've called Issaquah, Mukilteo, Belltown, Ballard, Queen Anne, and West Seattle all home at some point. My main passions are skiing, skateboarding, producing and collecting music on analog media.

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