Ballard Jazz Walk 2014

Went and saw McTuff at the Lock and Keel tonight during the Ballard Jazz Walk.  They were hella tight, as always.

I guess a pass for the Jazz Walk was $30, but my buddy Tom and I got in for free, since we’re regulars… score!

There was some dude from New York there, who was way stoked on the show, so I clued him in on the Seamonster in Wallingford, where McTuff plays every Tuesday: Seamonster Calendar

Easy Street Records

It’s 6AM and I’m waiting in line for Record Store Day at Easy Street Records in West Seattle. The line is longer than I thought. I also thought they were going to open the cafe at 6, but they didn’t, so now I’m just cold.

Trying to get Built To Spill’s first time ever release of Ultimate Alternative Wavers, and Soundgarden Superunknown for my buddy Ed.

They only let me buy 1 Built To Spill, and Superunknown doesn’t come out till June 3rd. There was some 10″ box set that came out today. This place is a madhouse!