Lock and Keel

In the heart of Ballard Avenue lies the Lock and Keel.  I’ve been hanging out here quite a bit since 2011.  Very chill place.

If you like boats and all things that float, you’ll love the decor.  Especially the outboard motors for pool table lights.

If you do play pool, this is the place to do it.  The tables are only 50 cents, and there are chalk boards for putting your name in a play-the-winner queue, so you don’t have to be like, “hey, my quarters were sitting there first!”  I think they still do free pool Thursdays too.

It gets pretty packed with kids in their early 20s on Friday and Saturday night, but not as bad as Kings Hardware.  There’s still an older crowd too, to balance things out.

Food is pretty grubbin.  Especially since they smoke their own meat.  And I haven’t tried it, but I guess the chili mac is the bomb.

I think my favorite thing about this place is they’re very straight-edge friendly.  Once I got kicked out of another bar for just playing pool, and not ordering drinks.  The Lock and Keel is very cool about that though.  They never hassle me, and are always ready to re-fill my coffee and water.

Drinkers are in good hands as well.  Good spirits, wines and beers.  And if Danelle or Caitlin are working, you’re stoked … they’ll take good care of you.


Lock and Keel
Lock and Keel – just look for the boat on Ballard Ave


Lock and Keel
Lock and Keel – you can watch the cook in action
Lock and Keel
Lock and Keel – that’s about the size of it
Lock and Keel
Lock and Keel – back patio.  No smoking though, just the occasional stoner
Lock and Keel
Lock and Keel – Tommy P shooting pool.  Watch out though, he’ll beat you and make you cry.
Lock and Keel
Lock and Keel – look at all those spirits.  And that bow above them is pretty cool.
Lock and Keel
Lock and Keel – oh yeah, there are TVs playing sports.  
Lock and Keel
Lock and Keel – cool crew boat on the ceiling
Lock and Keel
Lock and Keel – nice rudder


Lock and Keel
Lock and Keel – check the spearfish in the back of this photo


Suffering Fuckheads

Seattle has a badass Jazz scene.

My friend Rob turned me onto these dudes a few years ago: The Suffering Fuckheads

Two dudes: Ron Weinstein (B3 Organ) Mike Peterson (Drums and Stompboxes), with occasional guests.

They play the Seamonster , Olaf’s, and Hattie’s Hat regularly, no cover (donations appreciated).

sufferingdrums sufferingkeys


Check it, you won’t be disappointed.

More songs can be found at http://seattlenative.org Please let me know if this site is down (it shouldn’t be, but sometimes it is).

Ballard Jazz Walk 2014

Went and saw McTuff at the Lock and Keel tonight during the Ballard Jazz Walk.  They were hella tight, as always.

I guess a pass for the Jazz Walk was $30, but my buddy Tom and I got in for free, since we’re regulars… score!

There was some dude from New York there, who was way stoked on the show, so I clued him in on the Seamonster in Wallingford, where McTuff plays every Tuesday: Seamonster Calendar